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Did you grow up loving the scholastic book fair? Do you have a book club & struggle to find good books & have meaningful discussions? Want to purchase a fun book gift for yourself or someone else?

The Book Cellar is here to help. We are a book company that wants to revive the fun of the book fair, but with adult flare and fashion (yes someone said cocktails), and although we love ourselves a good book store, with so many titles and if we’re being honest, some high prices, we find ourselves wondering the aisles, browsing at cover art and leaving with nothing in our hands.

We also offer carefully selected book club in a box kits to make sure you have fun and connect with your friends and family over something more than just catching up on daily life. Our kits come with discussion topics, menu options, fun items to enjoy a good discussion with your book club members.

Even if its once a month for a couple hours, its time for just you. Its connecting by reading a book, written by someone you never knew or will never know. Its mind growth and heart enriching. Its you time. So, welcome to the cellar.

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Book with Flowers Line Art

Book Fair Events

Check here for pop-up locations and information on our events

Book with Flowers Line Art

Book Club in a Box

**Coming Soon**

Specialty curated monthly book club box to help you and your friends enjoy & discuss your next read

Book with Flowers Line Art

Blind Date with a Book

Our Blind Date with a Books are one of our most popular items! Click here to learn more about the offered genres and to place an order!

The Cellar Book Fairs

Book Fair Pop-Up

Our book fair pop-ups are specialty events where you will be able to surround yourself with others who love books!

Our pop-ups are held monthly and will always include new titles and other fun offerings for you to grow your own book cellar.

Book Fair Books

All of our book fair books are carefully hand selected based on availability, reviews, and genre. We strive to provide a wide range of topics and books to add to your collection.

Not to mention, all book fair books are priced from $7.00 - $10.00

Things to know

We accept Cash, Venmo or Credit Card at all of our events.

We also provide specialty wrapping services so you can gift a book to someone special and inspire them to build their own Book Cellar.

Below you can click to find information on upcoming events or click to find information about hosting your own event!

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Fireworks New Year Flat Simple Illustration
Fireworks New Year Flat Simple Illustration
Fireworks New Year Flat Simple Illustration

Our first pop-up!

Our first pop-up will be an invite only soft opening in May 2024. This is to make sure we have all the finer details prepared for a full pop-up launch. If you are a member of a book club or would be interested in hosting a future pop-up event please email the cellar for more information about an invitation to the event.

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Interested in hosting a Book Cellar Book Fair?

The Book Cellar would love to pop-up and pop-in at your own personalized event. Weather it is a fundraiser or just a fun time, we will work with you to create specialty book fairs ranging from all topics and genres to specific themes and books to match. Reach out to us today for information on hosting!

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Coming Soon!

Book Club in a Box

Everything you and your book club need for a successful Book Club event. Our curated book club in a box will supply you with the following:

  • Books for all your readers
  • Book flags & pens for notating those memorable passages & important details
  • Specialty curated questions and discussion topics
  • Meal options that will pair well the book
  • Fun book related activities and items
  • Ideas for you next book club read

Additional options may include single pack book clubs with links to online forums for larger discussion!

More information will be available in the coming weeks regarding our Book Club selections and how to sign up for yours.

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Blind Date with a Book

...Never judge a book by its cover

What is a Blind Date with a Book?

A Blind Date with a Book is like a regular blind date where you don’t know what you’re getting until you get there, but better because its with books.

By buying one of our Blind Date(s) with a Book, you can pick the genre of your choice or select Surprise me and leave the work to us. This is a fun way to experience a new author, genre or topic that you might not select based only by its cover.

Does a Blind Date with a Book make a great gift? YES! These make great gifts! By letting us know that your purchasing as a gift we will do our best to make it extra special for that special someone!

To get started, click the purchase button below to be directed to our purchase page!

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About us

Oh hello! My Name is Emma Steffen, owner and creative director of The Book Cellar | A Book Club Co.

The idea for The Book Cellar came to me while I was drinking coffee one morning. I thought, I really love reading, my small book club, hosting events and being creative. Why not see if there was something out there that combined all four that could add value to my life? Well, after a few searches on the internet, I was empty handed. Yes, there are the ‘date with a book’ books (we have them too) and book stores, but nothing that screamed fulfillment. Then it hit me almost like a ton of books...why not create a pop-up book company that caters to individuals and book clubs.

At first I was so excited I almost spilled my coffee, create something and enjoy doing it?! Count me in. Then after a few days I hit the, ‘can I really do this?’ phase, but I kept on researching and creating, which lead me to today and now you’re here reading about and learning about The Book Cellar. So thank you and welcome.

I couldn’t have done this without the support of my husband, family and friends. So please join me at our next pop-up event and start creating your own Book Cellar.

Meet Jenna Collins, The Book Cellars Pop-Up Events Director. I couldn’t have done this without the support and love from my friends and Jenna is one of the very best. Jenna has the biggest heart and an even bigger sense of humor. She is great at deciding what works well together and executing our pop-up events. She would love to join one of your book club meetings and help facilitate meaningful discussions and conversations.

Jenna has a growing family and about to have three boys under five years old, so her girl time and her, her time is very special to her. Jenna loves to read nonfiction but will always be a sucker for a young adult romance novel.

I’m extremely excited to have Jenna on board to help and provide another viewpoint and perspective when it comes to helping you grow your cellar.

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Thank you for visiting! See you Soon!

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The Book Cellar - A Book Co.

Terms & Conditions: Some of our books may contain specialty markings that do not interfere with the contents of the books. The markings are for the sole purpose of indicating a book cannot be returned to the publisher for a second credit. Our books are purchased though a distributor that works directly with the publishing companies. All of our books are brand new, however some may have slight wear based on transportation and shipping. We cannot control this but its what’s on the inside that counts.